[QTI] QTI 2.1 draft specification withdrawn

Daniel Cassidy ims-qti at danielcassidy.me.uk
Fri Mar 27 16:12:06 GMT 2009

Hi List,

In the last few days the QTI 2.1 draft specification has been removed
from the IMS website, citing a lack of participation:

“The IMS QTIv2.1 draft specification has been removed from the IMS
website. Adequate feedback on the specification has not been received,
and therefore, the specification has been put back into the IMS
project group process for further work.”

I am not quite sure whether to interpret this as a sincere attempt by
IMS to make the specification more relevant, or as a drive for
additional memberships and therefore additional revenue. It does seem
to put a spanner in the works for the existing QTI 2.1 implementations
(e.g. http://www.qtitools.org/), and is is particularly annoying given
the number of helpful clarifications in the 2.1 draft compared to 2.0.

I’m interested if anyone is willing to offer their thoughts on this move?


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