University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate
Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Setting Up Your E-List

Go to<listname>

<listname> should be replaced by the name of your list - e.g. cie-delia-science or cie-delia-flfrench. Don't put the <>'s in! (Top tip - put this address in your bookmarks ).

You'll need your administrator password. Enter it and click on the 'Let me in...' button.

You'll then be presented with the main administration page (below). There are a number of categories where you need to configure things. Luckily you only need to deal with three of the categories. They are: General Options, Membership Management and Privacy Options.

The arrows => show which option you are in. Click on the other categories to go to them.

Configuration: General Options

General options

Here you ...

Membership Management

Here you ...

Privacy Options

Here you ...

Detailed instructions

General Options

Configuration: General Options No. 1Type in the addresses of anyone else you want to share the administration of your list with.

No. 2Type in a short phrase that describes your list, e.g 'A list to support teachers of ICGSE ESL'

No. 3Type in some text that describes the list - this text goes on the general list information page.

No. 4Type in the text you wish to go into the welcome message sent out to new subscribers. Include info about the scope of the list, general rules, and etiquette, and any disclaimer you might need.

No. 5Change this 'List' - this means when people rply to a message, everyone on the list gets a copy. 6. Don't change anything else! Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on 'Submit Changes'.

Membership Management

NOTE: DO NOT enter anything in this section until you have completed the other sections.

Configuration: Membership Management No. 1Type in, or paste in (better), the addresses of the people you want to subscribe to your list. Press return at the end of each e-mail address. Be very careful to get their address correct.
No. 3Add yourself if you want to receive messages sent to the list in your message.
No. 3Click here to subscribe them. You will be returned to the top of the screen and you should receive a message telling you that they have been successfully subscribed. They will be sent an e-mail (containing the text you put in) welcoming them to the list.

Privacy Options

Configuration: Privacy Options No. 1Change this to 'Yes'. This means that any messages sent to the list will be 'trapped' until you (or any other administrator) can approve them.
No. 2Put your e-mail address in here (and that of any other administrators). This prevents you having to approve your own messages to the list!
3. Don't change anything else! Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on 'Submit Changes'.