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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Acceptable Use Policy

Welcome to the UCLES Mailing List Service (UMLS)! This service is provided by UCLES to promote communication, collaboration and the exchange of ideas between teachers, centres, examiners and UCLES.

This is the acceptable use policy for UMLS. By sending a message to any of our lists you are accepting these conditions, so please read them carefully. In particular see the sections in bold italic below.

No Posting of Promotional Messages

The posting of commercial or advertising material is not allowed on any UMLS list.

However, publicising items of potential interest to list members, such as publications, training courses, websites, conferences etc. which may be of benefit to the list members, is permitted provided the following conditions are met:

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No Spam or Bulk Email

The UMLS does not allow spam, junk mail, chain letters or other unsolicited bulk email, commercial or otherwise, on any UCLES Mailing List Service list. We take the following measures to prevent this abuse of our service.

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Anti-spam Measures

Despite our best efforts, some abuse of the UMLS will occur. If junk email is sent to any list please contact your listowner, who may then notify UMLS.

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Content of Messages

Sending messages to UMLS lists is generally a matter of common sense and courtesy. As a user you should be able to use your own sense of what is appropriate to guide your conduct, without engaging in unreasonable behaviour, or disrupting the general flow of discussion on a list.

Have a look at our guidelines for using mailing lists for a more practical discussion.

The use of UMLS is subject to UK laws. So messages sent to UMLS lists may not contain information that breaks any law, such as (but not restricted to) those regarding copyright or defamation.

UMLS cannot assume any responsibility for the content of messages sent to our discussion lists, as the messages are sent by individual users.

You accept that you are solely responsible for the content of any email message you send to any UMLS list.

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Copyright of Messages

When anyone sends a message to a list, they retain their copyright in that message. They also retain their moral right to be identified as the author of the work, and their moral right against derogatory treatment.

How widely available a message to a particular list will be across the internet will depend on the level of access which has been set by the listowner.

You give UMLS permission to reproduce, deliver, distribute and archive your message as appropriate, and you agree that other UCLES Mailing List Service users may read, save, download or print your message.

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Message Archives

Messages sent to a list will normally be archived, and these archives can then be read or downloaded by any member of that same list. These archives may also (at the discretion of the listowner) be made publicly available on the web, and thus be available to anyone.

When using any of our lists, you accept that any message you post to an UCLES Mailing List Service list may be archived in this manner, and that other users of UMLS may download and print these messages for their own use.

Archives or collections of the messages sent to an UMLS list may not be made publicly available at another site unless the listowner has granted explicit permission, and the list members have been informed.

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Security of Email Messages

Due to the nature of the internet, the security of messages to UMLS cannot be guaranteed, and you should bear this in mind when posting confidential information to an UMLS list. This is true even when access to the list is restricted.

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Information about UMLS

When you subscribe to an UMLS list you supply us with your email address, and this information can be retrieved by any member of that same list and may also (at the discretion of the listowner) be made available on the web.

This may mean your e-mail address becoming available in countries with data protection legislation incompatible with the European Union.

When you leave UMLS, your email address will be removed from our database. However, any message you have posted to an UMLS list will remain in the UMLS archives.

The personal information we hold will only be used in connection with the UMLS service. UMLS will never sell email addresses, or any other personal information, to another organisation.

You agree that UMLS may disclose any information held if we believe that this is necessary to operate our systems, to run the UMLS service, to comply with the law, or to protect the UMLS service or others.

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Forging Information

You will not attempt to mislead others as to your identity, either by providing false information when subscribing to, or posting to, an UMLS list, or by forging the headers and addresses in an email message.

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Harvesting Addresses

No one shall use the UMLS service to bulk harvest, or otherwise collect, information about others, including email addresses, without their consent.

UMLS has implemented technology to limit access by the mass mailers which collect email addresses.

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Violation of our Policy

UMLS users may contact us about any breach of our acceptable use policy, and we will take any of the following actions if it is thought appropriate:

Listowners are also entitled to take action against any list member who engages in unreasonable behaviour.

The decision on what action is appropriate will be made by the UMLS team on a case by case basis. The action taken will often depend on whether the infraction was innocent, inadvertent or intentional.

If we receive any complaint about a message sent to an UMLS list, we reserve the right to remove the allegedly offensive message from our archives immediately and without consulting the originator of this message.

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UMLS is not liable for any losses or damages caused by a failure of the system. UMLS is also not liable for the conduct of any UMLS user, or for the conduct of any party other than UMLS itself.

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UMLS reserves the right to amend the acceptable use policy at any time without notice. If the policy is amended then all list owners will be informed and may distribute the information to list members.